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  • Salt is one of the main ingredients for cooking, however, there are different salts for different food. People from many parts of the world prefer to use a particular kind of salt. Of course, if you’re from the US and are talking about sea salt, then you will prefer the name ‘kingston’ or something like that. These are the very popular and only…[閱讀更多]

  • Salt is a fairly uncommon mineral in the diet today. What we use to eat at every meal – salt and butter, for example – are largely discarded, while we consume more processed foods with salt added, and we try to substitute honey for sugar.

    As you can imagine, though, salt is not always easy to avoid. There are What is Sea Salt? to use salt in…[閱讀更多]

  • Himalayan salt heart is a very popular and highly valued therapeutic ingredient. For centuries it has been used in the treatment of various ailments, but more recently it has gained in popularity as a treatment for depression. It is most often used to treat depression or the anxiety that goes along with it.

    In addition to these two medications,…[閱讀更多]

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